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WSSH’s Kendall House Young Moms Program offers a safe, stable, affordable program that includes housing for young mothers (aged 16-29) and their child(ren) under the age of four years.

The program offers an opportunity to live free of violence and substance abuse. (Reaching sobriety is or could be a goal*) This program is up to two years in length and is targeted to young moms that are looking to promote attachment and further connection or reunification with their children. Residents are willing to work with a team of professionals to further their skills and activities of daily living as well as assistance with parenting. Women retain their independence while building resilience, skills and strengths in a community living environment to transition successfully to independent living with their child. This is not a mandated program, and all participants must be willing and active in the program and set their own live-action plans. Staff provides support to women who are working towards their goals, parenting, schooling or employment, emotional and physical wellness, and connections in the community.

Kendall House Residential


This summary highlights selected provisions of the Program Agreement. It does not cover every term or detail of participation in the Program and is intended for informational purposes. 



At Kendall House, you will prepare for independent living while working closely with Kendall House staff and participating in education or job training or life skills programs. You will spend 25-30 hours per week toward meeting Program goals, and you will attend regular meetings with the Life Skills Facilitator, other Kendall House or agency partner staff.

Purpose of Kendall House Young Mom’s Program

Kendall House provides a structured Program environment where you and your child(ren) can live for up to two years while you develop the skills needed to maintain permanent housing, obtain employment that pays a living wage and live independently. It is not intended as subsidized housing.

Program Expectations

a) Overview

You will spend 25-30 hours each week working towards Program goals. These hours will include work, school and meetings with staff. You and your team will evaluate your situation and discuss with you the Program expectations and the choice of services for you. Together, we will make the final decision regarding those services. You will attend meetings with staff at least once a week, as well as attend other scheduled meetings and workshops.

b) Action Plan

Your Action Plan, to be completed within two months of your move-in, defines goals and strategies that are tailored to your family’s needs. It will cover the following topics:

  • Permanent Housing. You will start working on your permanent housing plan and learning immediately – you will work with a housing worker and learn and participate in the development of skills and activities of daily living.
  • Meet with a Counsellor biweekly (minimum) – this might be through a private practitioner, online access or with the Mental Health Worker at Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House.
  • Education/Employment. You will complete an assessment that includes your goals toward furthering education and or employment.
  • Parent/Child program. Parenting – it is expected that you will attend at least one hour of parent education classes or education workshops each week. These classes may be off-site, but your attendance will be noted by staff and will be an important piece of the supportive living program.

c) Education and Job Training Programs

You will be working towards enrollment in educational or job training.

d) Case Management, Education and Employment Meetings

  • Weekly: Staff will schedule weekly appointments for you to discuss your goals, including those related to education, training, and employment; permanent housing and independent living skills; your children’s school progress; medical care; and money management.
  • Three times per year: At review sessions three times per year, you and staff members will discuss your progress, strengths, and areas in need of improvement. You will agree on adjustments to the goals in your Action Plan, if necessary. Upon reaching an agreement on such a change, you and a staff member will sign a new plan.

e) Group Meetings

In addition to individual and family meetings described above, you will attend weekly participant meetings and emergency meetings as required by staff. The weekly meeting examples are as follows:

  • Mondays 4:00 – 5:00 PM
    Life Skills Workshop
  • Tuesday Group
    Mental Health Matters with Charlotte
  • Wednesdays
    Parenting group with CAS parent aid
  • Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 PM
    Community Meeting
  • Fridays 4:00 – 5:00 PM
    Recovery Group Client may change meeting dates and times and will advise you of any such – community counselling or something
  • Saturday
    Food Skills for Families
  • Sunday

f) Substance Abuse Recovery

If you have a history or an issue with substance abuse, we will support you to attend weekly recovery group meetings and enroll and actively participate in a treatment program.

g) Attendance and Punctuality at Meetings

You must be on time for all meetings and stay until they are over. Please notify staff in advance that you will be late. In an emergency, you must notify staff as soon as possible. We ask that you do not miss more than two meetings in a 90-day period without previous arrangements.

Immediate Termination of Participation

Some rules are so important that a single violation may result in immediate termination of Program participation and residency at Kendall House. These include:

  • Violence, threats, or possession of weapons. If a violent incident occurs, including threats or domestic violence, staff will call the police and file charges. No weapons are allowed on the premises. Staff may confiscate any articles they believe are being used in a threatening or combative manner.
  • Sale of illegal drugs or alcohol. Kendall House Coordinator may terminate your residency for the sale, or use of any illegal drugs or alcohol. If you are someone who uses Alcohol or legal drugs recreationally, you may not return to Kendall House and exhibit disruptive behaviour. You will be asked to not return to the premises until sober.
  • Your residency will be terminated for any activities that unreasonably interfere with the comfort, safety or enjoyment of other residents, staff, or neighbours, including theft; willful destruction of property; breach of confidentiality; or any felonious activity. This list does not include every rule that you must follow. Other rules are set out in the Program Agreement.


We ask that you always provide Kendall House with true and complete information. You understand that Kendall House relies upon the information you give them, and you promise that it will always be accurate.



This section reviews your financial obligations. You must apply for all governmental assistance for which your family is eligible. You will pay a percentage of your income as a housing fee, and a portion towards the share kitchen expenses.

Government Assistance

You must apply for all governmental assistance for which your family is eligible.

Monthly Fees

You will pay a percentage of your monthly income each month as a Program participant and housing fee.


We will help you make a plan to save a percentage of each month’s income in order to prepare for the costs of maintaining permanent housing and living independently. This percentage is set out in your planning with the Transitional Housing Support worker and Kendall House Staff. These savings will be held in a bank account in your own name. Staff will confirm the balance of this account with you from time to time to facilitate learning and planning.

Security Deposit

You will pay a security deposit upon being accepted to Kendall House.

Childcare Fees

If your family uses childcare programs, you are responsible for that cost.

Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

We ask that you arrange direct payment for your residency at Kendall House however, failure to pay monthly fees or on time may result in late fees. You will need to work with Kendall House staffing on planning to pay arrears. Nonpayment will result in discharge from the program.



We hope you find Kendall House to be a comfortable and supportive place while you strengthen your independent living skills. This section sets out the rules for living here, it is important to understand that you are a resident of Kendall House and not a tenant. You are not signing a lease, Kendall House is not your landlord, and residency at Kendall House will at no time confer tenancy rights.

Length of Residency

Your residence at Kendall House will not exceed twenty-four (24) months. You understand that Kendall House may dismiss you from the Program and terminate your residency for violating the rules in the Program Agreement. You can leave the Program at any time by giving staff at least 30-days written notice.

Access to Kendall House Premises

a) Not a tenancy

Residence at Kendall House is a central component of the Program. You understand that you are a resident of Kendall House and not a tenant. You are not signing a lease, WSSH is not your landlord, and residency at Kendall House will at no time confer tenancy rights. WSSH may terminate your residency for violation of the Program Agreement. Kendall House retains the right of control over and access to the House and premises.

b) Probationary period

Your participation in the Program is probationary for the first 28 days. WSSH may extend this period at its discretion. During the probationary period, if you or Kendall House staff determines that you are not able to participate fully in the Program, your residency will be terminated. At the end of the probationary period, if you have complied with all Program guidelines set out in the Program Agreement and all goals set out in your Action Plan, you will be accepted as a Program participant and resident of Kendall House.

c) Abandonment of premises

You must notify the Kendall House Staff in advance of any extended leave away from Kendall House. WSSH may discard items belonging to clients who are missing from Kendall House for more than 30 days without notice. Absent prior notice, Kendall House may not hold your room beyond this point.

House Rules

a) Cleanliness

Please keep your spaces clean and dispose of your garbage and recyclable materials properly.

b) Damages and Repairs

You are responsible for any damage to your space and for any damage you may cause elsewhere on the premises. WSSH will deduct any repair expenses from your security deposit. Deductible expenses include but are not limited to, physical repairs, furniture repair, key replacement, lock changes and stolen property.

c) Entry

Kendall House has the right to inspect your room at any time. Staff may perform a health and safety check of each house and its rooms each month. On occasion, potential or current funders may tour Kendall House. This may include a tour of your living quarters. Kendall House employees and agents may also enter and inspect your apartment and common areas at any time to check that you are in compliance with the Program Agreement. In an effort to prepare you for living in a private apartment complex, as a courtesy, we will try to give 24-hours advance notice to you. The presence of Kendall House staff at the house will not limit or affect in any way your obligation to comply with the Program Agreement. This Section also does not impose any duty on Kendall House to inspect your space, report to anyone the results of any such inspection, or assume any liability of any kind arising from engaging or not engaging in such an inspection.

d) Keys and Locks

You may not duplicate keys/cards or lend them to children or visitors. For safety purposes, please inform staff of lost cards/keys immediately.

If you lose your card/key, WSSH will charge you a replacement fee, which will increase if you lose your card key subsequent times. Kendall House will charge a percentage of the replacement cost, which will increase each time you lose your apartment key. These fees start at 25% of the cost and will max out at 100% percent of the replacement fee. Locks may not be placed on any doors or windows except by Kendall House.

e) Fire Safety

For safety reasons, you must always maintain a clear exit path to the front door or window of each room, and your front door should be able to open completely. You and all members of your family should know which doors exit to the outside, and where the fire extinguishers are located throughout the premises. Kendall House staff will conduct regular fire drills. More information on fire safety is provided in the Emergency Procedures document Kendal House will provide you.

f) Pets

You may not have a pet.

g) Inspection on Move-Out

When you leave the Program and move out of Kendall House, you will schedule your departure with the Kendall House staff, and you may be asked to sign a Move-Out Contract as part of the departure process. Kendall House staff will conduct the final inspection/inventory of your room and apartment. You agree to leave the premises neat and in clean condition when you vacate, and to return key(s) to the staff. Staff will discard any personal property that you leave.

Kendall House Resident Responsibilities

a) Chores

You will participate in the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of the house. Each week, residents and staff will create a chore list, we ask that you sign up and complete your share of the chores.

b) Regular guests and visiting hours

You may have a maximum of 2 adult guests per day. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests. Staff may ban any guest causing problems or disruptions to the household or any other part of Kendall House. You may not leave guests alone in any part of Kendall House. Visiting hours are as follows unless otherwise decided:

Monday – Friday 6 pm – 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday 2 pm – 7 pm

If you want an exception to these hours, you must obtain staff approval in advance.

c) Overnight guests

Only visiting children that can share your space will be considered for overnight guests.

d) Quiet Hours

You will keep voices, televisions, radios, and other noise-making devices at a low volume during quiet hours. Quiet hours are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday 8 pm – 8 am
Friday – Saturday 9 pm – 8 am

e) Smoking

No smoking is permitted indoors and you may not smoke within 20 feet of the Kendall House entrances.

f) Trash

You must bag and deposit trash in the garbage collection site located at the back of the house. Garbage day is Wednesdays. We ask that you do not keep dirty diapers in your room. Please put them in the garbage as soon as possible.

g) Garage/Back Gate

You should not use the garage as a storage space. If you would like to park in the parking space, please speak with the program staff. We ask that the back gate stay closed to keep animals out and to keep children within the fenced yard. Children are not allowed in the shed at any time.

Domestic Violence

Kendall House is not a Violence Against Women shelter. Residents in the community should not be at any immediate risk. Should your situation change we ask that you talk to Kendall House staff, and they will arrange a short-term transfer into the secure shelter. We ask that all residents help ensure a safe environment for themselves or the other Kendall House residents.


This section contains rules for residents with children. You must obtain medical care for your children and keep young children under your supervision any time they are not in school, childcare, or after-school programs. Physical punishment of children is not allowed at any time or for any reason.

Special Rules Regarding Children

a) Children Supervision

Children under the age of 13 must be always under the supervision of their parent or legal guardian except when they are at school or participating in childcare or after-school activities. Child(ren) under the age of 12 must not be left alone in the house and must be adequately supervised. Children over the age of 12 may be allowed in the home alone, with their parent’s and the Program’s approval, only during business hours. There must be a valid reason that a parent is not at home, either due to school or to work. This arrangement will be reviewed at monthly meetings with you and your child(ren), to ensure everyone is comfortable with the situation. Children of any age are not allowed visitors unless supervised by their parent and the visit occurs during regular visiting hours.

b) Punishment of children and child abuse

Physical punishment of children is not allowed at any time or for any reason. No spanking, hitting, slapping, jerking or any other behaviour that may hurt a child is allowed. The law requires that anyone suspected of child abuse be reported to Child and Family Services. All staff or Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House and Kendall House have and follow a duty to report. Any incidents of child abuse may result in termination of participation in the Program and residency at Kendall House.

c) Children’s behaviour

Parents are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children at all times, as well as for any damage they might cause. Children will not physically or verbally abuse other children or adults. Disruptive behaviour by children may result in termination of residency at Kendall House.

d) Medical attention

Parents are expected to obtain regular medical attention for their children. If a child remains home because of illness, the parent must stay at home with them or arrange for appropriate childcare. Pregnant women are expected to obtain appropriate prenatal care.

e) Babysitting

Kendall House Staff is not responsible for any babysitting arrangements you make with other House residents. If you ask another Kendall House participant to babysit your child, you do so at your own risk. If you choose to babysit for another Kendall House family after regular office hours and the parent does not return at the expected time, please notify staff immediately.

f) Safety

You must maintain your space in a safe condition for your children. Keep all dangerous or poisonous items, including cleaning products, medications, mouthwash, matches or lighters, cosmetics, toiletries, or sharp objects, out of reach of young children, such as by placing these items on the highest shelf in the closet or kitchen. If possible, place childproof cabinet locks on all cabinets that contain dangerous or poisonous items. All food items should be tightly sealed when not in use. If you have small children, be sure to place electrical outlet covers on all sockets.

g) Dress

You and your children must be properly dressed whenever you are in the common spaces of the house

Conflicts, Discipline
& Dispute


Kendall House is a Program with clearly defined goals and expectations. These rules are designed to help you achieve these goals. If you cannot follow the Program guidelines, you can be discharged from the Program, and you will not be able to continue living at Kendall House.

Personal Responsibilities and expectations

a) Introduction

The Program has clearly defined goals and expectations. The guidelines described in the Program Agreement are designed to help you achieve these goals. Kendall House is also a community that is built upon respect for the rights of others. Program guidelines, including personal responsibilities, are designed to both help you succeed and ensure that others’ rights are maintained.

b) Reminders

A violation of any of the guidelines described in the Program Agreement may result in a reminder. Staff will document reminders in your file.

Grievance Procedure

a) Denial of Service

If you have been terminated from the Program (“Denial of Service”) for violating expectations and guidelines, you may submit to the House Coordinator or designate a written petition requesting re-admission. You must submit that request within 48 hours after the staff gives you that notice of termination of service. If this petition is denied, we will notify you about the external grievance process. If you believe that you have been unfairly treated during your participation in the Program, you should discuss this matter with the Executive Director.

b) No Waiver by Inaction

A decision by us not to dismiss you from the Program or take other action because you violate a rule does not waive our right to dismiss you in the future in response to another violation, including a violation of the same rule. Any waiver of any term of the Program Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties.

Conflict Resolution

While conflict is a normal part of all healthy relationships, how you deal with conflict will partially determine whether you can remain in the Program. Any threat of a physical nature and/or verbal abuse toward staff or any participant will result in immediate termination from the Program. If you cannot resolve a conflict with another party yourself, ask staff to mediate. If they are unable to help you with reaching a resolution, you should bring the discussion to the House Coordinator. If the conflict concerns any member of the Kendall House staff, please feel free to go directly to the Executive Director. Any issue(s) that you cannot discuss with your counsellor or other Kendall House staff member may be taken to the Executive Director of Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House.


This section sets out the important confidentiality rules that apply to both of us, for your benefit and that of the other participants in the Program.

WSSH will keep confidential and will not disclose or use other than in connection with the Program, any confidential information, without first getting your written approval, except to the extent that such confidential information is required to be disclosed by law. You understand that WSSH may be legally required to inform appropriate individuals, including law enforcement and other government authorities, when

a) ordered to do so by a court;

b) you are a danger to yourself or others or

c) we suspect that you have committed child or adult abuse.

You are likewise bound by rules of confidentiality as a means of protecting the safety and privacy of all participants. If you disclose the name or any information about another participant or their children to anyone other than WSSH staff, WSSH may take action, including dismissal from the Program.

Assumption of Risk, Indemnification

& Waivers

In the Program Agreement, we require you to acknowledge the risks and challenges of living in a supportive housing setting, promise to be responsible for your conduct and damages while at Kendall House, and allow Kendall House staff to perform first aid or seek medical assistance for you if necessary.

If an emergency arises, you authorize WSSH to provide you or your child(ren) first aid and, through medical personnel of its choice, medical assistance, transportation, and emergency medical services. In addition, you give permission for WSSH to consent to such medical assistance for your child(ren) for any illness or injury that might occur. These consents do not impose a duty upon WSSH to provide such assistance, transportation, or services. In addition, you waive and release any claims against the Client Parties arising out of any first aid, treatment, or medical service, including the lack or timing of such, made in connection with your family’s presence at WSSH facilities or participation in the Program. You understand that WSSH will not be liable in case of illness or injury to your children. You also understand that Kendall House is not a health care provider or facility and that WSSH staff are not specially trained to treat or respond to medical emergencies.



This section includes common provisions of a contract, including making clear that the Program Agreement is the key document setting out Program terms. 

Entire Agreement

Controlling Document

The Program Agreement, together with its exhibits and the Acceptance Letter, describes the entire agreement between you and WSSH, and supersedes any prior or written and oral agreements, negotiations, course of dealing, and communications between you and us relating to the Program.

Changes in this Document

The Program Agreement may be amended only as stated in a document signed by both you and us that states that it is an amendment to the Program Agreement. Discussions you may have with WSSH/Kendall House staff do not change the Program Agreement. Program requirements and fees may change from time to time. New requirements and fees will take effect two weeks after WSSH announces the change unless WSSH indicates otherwise.


If any provision in the Program Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, its invalidity will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions of the Program Agreement.

Kendall House Young Moms Program is delivered by Women's Shelter, Saakaate House

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